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  • Think SMALL for Gluten-Free Success
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    Do you ever feel like an ant? Where you feel so small, and everything around you seems so large and overwhelming? The tasks you must complete are too complex and too many to count? The knowledge you currently possess feels grossly inadequate? Yeah, me too.

    Learn how thinking small leads to big success.

    Published 03/28/2021
  • FDA Temporary Labeling Requirements During COVID-19 - Updated 6/26/2020
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    On the evening of Friday, May 22nd 2020, the FDA issued new guidance relaxing the requirements around the labeling of ingredients due to the supply issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As one might expect, this rocked the world of those with food allergies as well as those with gluten-related disorders.

    Here are a few resources to help us learn more about this change.

    Published 06/19/2020
  • The Tale of Two Nightclubs - Understanding Celiac Disease Through Motorcycles and Nightclubs
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    Several years ago, I encountered a recently-diagnosed guy who was having a rough time. His friends would hassle him about his diet, and he was struggling to explain celiac disease to them. As I got to know him, he revealed he rode motorcycles and hung with his buddies in bars. Back then, I came up with this basic analogy to help them understand. I decided to beef it up a bit. While I geared it toward his interests, I think it's generic enough to be understood by everyone.

    Let’s saddle up and ride!

    Published 05/17/2020
  • Gluten-Free Success
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    There are many definitions of success, but the best one is the one you've created for yourself.

    Success is unique - as individual as a fingerprint. One person’s success may be another person’s failure.

    Whether a newbie or a pro at the gluten-free lifestyle, ask yourself, "What does my success look like?”

    Let your answer be your guide.

    Published 11/20/2018
  • The Stages of Change: Gluten-Free Edition
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    Changes in lifestyle can be some of the biggest modifications we experience particularly if we have a gluten-related disorder. Transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle turn our lives upside down. So keep calm and let's get prepared. We're going to delve into the gluten-full to gluten-free metamorphosis and give you the knowledge to make it a successful transition.

    I want to give you a basic understanding of change and the knowledge to make it a successful estimated 17 million with gluten sensitivities; just in the USA alone.

    Published 09/17/2018
  • Gluten-Free Communion Guide
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    The purpose of this guide is to give you the necessary tools to safely make, prepare, and distribute gluten-free hosts to your gluten-free members.

    Attention to detail is critical for success in the gluten-free lifestyle. It is not surprising considering lives are turned upside-down by something measured in parts per million [yes, parts per million].

    Please keep an open mind about the information presented here. It can be hard to comprehend that "The Staff of Life" can make someone sick. Science proves it to be true for about 3 million with celiac disease and an estimated 17 million with gluten sensitivities; just in the USA alone.

    Published 05/12/2018
  • Gluten-Free Label Reading
    (Updated 12/05/19)
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    It should be no surprise that success in the gluten-free lifestyle is found in the details. After all, our lives have been rearranged by something measured in parts per million.

    Knowing what's in our food is probably one of the most important details.

    The ingredient label is your frontline defense in determining the gluten-free status of a product.

    Labeling reading is an important (required) skill if you consume packaged/processed foods. It could mean the difference between sickness and wellness.

    Websites, published lists, and apps that report a product's gluten-free status are excellent tools to help narrow down product selection. Please do not use them as the sole means to determine the gluten-free status.

    Companies change product ingredients at will, generally without notice. Those changes will be reflected on the product's label. Most companies will refer you to the ingredient list found on the product for the most up to date information. A published list (on paper or electronic form) is only as accurate as its most recent update.

    Published 01/28/2018
  • Low-Gluten Communion Hosts
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    In early July, a story broke about the Vatican addressing gluten-free/low-gluten communion hosts.

    I was seeing a lot of hurt, angry, and confused people over this, so I wanted to offer up my thoughts and share some science about low-gluten hosts. Hopefully, it will make things easier for some.

    I want to thank Tricia Thompson, MS, RD, founder of Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC​ for giving me permission to share GFWD's 2014 test results of The Benedictine Sisters Low-Gluten Wafers.

    Published 07/20/17
  • Gluten-Free Road Trip
    (Updated 06/12/19)
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    Traveling is one of the challenges we encounter in the gluten-free lifestyle. Leaving the safety of your home can be unsettling - even for the most experienced. With a little planning and some creativity, we can make it a trip we remember for a lifetime.

    Learn how to pull off a road trip like a boss.

    Published 12/03/16
  • The Gluten-Free Kingdom
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    A tale of Sir Alcher, Lady Pechal and the Gluten-Free Kingdom.

    Originally published in
    Generation GF Magazine.

    “Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far away, lived a strong and handsome knight. Like all knights of his time Sir Alcher was sworn to uphold the values of faith, loyalty, courage, and honor; a task he took seriously.

    Behind every great knight is a great lady; Lady Pechal was no exception. While her job was not as adventurous as her husband's, it was just as important. Sir Alcher's job was protecting everyone else, Lady Pechal's task was to watch over her husband; to make sure that he was healthy and happy.

    Do not be fooled by her aptitude in the culinary arts; she could wield a broadsword as easily as a ladle…

    Read more…

    Published 11/25/16

  • Grain-Free for the Gluten-Free
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    By definition, grain-free should be gluten-free. “Gluten” is the generic name for the various proteins found in grains. You ditch the grains, you ditch the gluten. It’s a no-brainer! Um, not so fast Slick…

    The purpose of this article is to make you aware of an important fact that is not always discussed by the proponents of grain-free diets.

    Published 11/25/16
  • Gluten-Free Gratitude
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    An Attitude of Gratitude - What are you grateful for?

    For a lot of people, this time of year usually generates feelings of thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude. For some, that’s not an easy task - for whatever reason. Science is being applied to this act/feeling/emotion/behavior we call gratitude - the results are rather interesting.

    Yes, gratitude has a multitude of health benefits - both emotional and physical.

    I cross paths with a number of members in the gluten-free community who are troubled, angry, and hurting [both emotionally and physically]. This leaves me with a heavy heart. Just maybe, the information found here, might help ease the pain - just a little bit.

    Published 11/19/16
  • May Contain - Voluntary Advisory Statements
    (Updated 03/30/18)
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    There is a lot of confusion over voluntary advisory statements companies use on their products.

    “May Contain…” or “Processed in a Facility…” statements are not regulated and hold little meaning.

    Is the product gluten-free? The answer…it depends. We need to ask a few more questions before we can make that decision.

    Published 07/02/16
  • Becoming a Gluten-Free Champion
    (Updated 09/30/18)
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    Everyone needs a champion. Someone who will stand up and advocate for them.

    For those following a gluten-free diet, having a champion can make all the difference in the world. The difference between success and failure.

    However, the would be champions are just as befuddled as their gluten-free loved ones about handling this new (and unwelcome) addition to their lives.

    This article shares the story of one champion and offers some insight and tips on becoming a Gluten-Free Champion.

    Published 05/25/16
  • What Oats Through Yonder Package Breaks?
    (Updated 10/30/19)
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    Oats and products made with oats have been burning up the interwebs lately. People in the gluten-free community started asking manufacturers exactly what kind of oats are used in their products…with surprising results.

    Bottom line: You need to know if the oats you are consuming are grown, harvested, and processed using a purity protocol.

    Why? Because products using oats are at higher risk of gluten contamination compared to gluten-free labeled foods as a whole.

    Why? Many companies now are using mechanically separated or optically sorted oats instead of purity protocol oats.

    Published 04/30/16
  • Meet the Microbiome Study Guide
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    Want to know more about the invisible community that lives in and on you...and really defines who you are?

    This handout was created to educate you about the 100 trillion microbial cells that we cannot live without.

    Includes links to three excellent videos, plus related information.

    Published 03/19/16
  • Risks of Cheating
    (Updated 09/30/18)
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    Discusses the many health risks of consuming gluten when one has a gluten-related disorder.

    Published 01/22/16
  • Celiac Disease Screening Round Up
    (Updated 08/06/18)
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    A list resources that describe the blood work used to screen patients for gluten-related disorders.

    Published 03/22/15
  • Navigating the Holidays
    (Updated 11/10/19)
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    Some helpful tips for surviving the holiday season (or any social event)

    Published 11/11/14
  • Mood, Behavior, Mental Illness, and Gluten
    (Updated 11/05/17)
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    This article explores the connections of gluten, mental health, and behavior.

    Published 10/17/14
  • Confusing Ingredients
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    A list of resources explaining some of the confusing ingredients found on food labels.

    Published 01/27/14
  • Gluten-Free Diet Boot Camp
    (Updated 01/30/18)
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    A huge collection of information for those new to the gluten-free lifestyle

    Published 08/26/13
  • Back to School Resources
    (Updated 06/06/20)
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    A list of resources for those with gluten-free children.

    Published 08/05/13
  • Guide to Gluten Cross Contamination
    (Updated 10/23/19)
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    Where to find and how to handle gluten cross contamination.

    Published 06/16/13
  • Grieving the Loss of Gluten
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    Tips on handling the grieving process after removing gluten.

    This article was published in Gluten Intolerance Group of North America's Quarterly Magazine Celebrate Gluten-Free Winter 2013

    Published 01/19/13
  • Lack of Support From Family
    (Updated 03/13/15)
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    Tips on handling unsupportive family members.

    This article was published in Gluten Intolerance Group of North America's Quarterly Magazine Celebrate Gluten-Free Spring 2013)

    Published 11/22/12
  • Educating Family & Friends About Gluten-Free
    (Updated 07/21/18)
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    A collection of resources to help educate your family and friends about celiac/gluten-free

    Published 04/01/12
  • A Day in the Life: Living in a Mixed House
    Updated 07/19/14
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    This article describes how to manage when a household that it not entirely gluten-free.

    Published 07/31/11
  • Better Living Thru GF Chemistry
    (Updated 12/14/19)
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    A great collection of information for those that need prescription medications.

    Published 06/26/11